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Immigration Expand/Collapse

Immigration, Refuge claims, Deportation

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Abogada de inmigracion habla de esposas y ninos abusado
Abogada de inmigracion habla de la ciudadania derivada-E.U.
Abogada de inmigracion habla de la residencia permanente
Abogada de inmigracion habla sobre las visas B1 y B2
Abogada de inmigracion habla sobre las visas de prometidos
Abogada de Inmigracion Nelsy Gomez habla sobre el asilo
Abogada habla del Programa de Diversificacion de Inmigrantes
Abogado de inmigracion habla de los juicios de inmigracion
Abogado habla sobre las correrias de inmigracion
Amnesty for Agricultural Workers
Attorney A. Choudhary speaks on U.S. immigration raids
Attorney speaks about suing employers for green card
Attorney speaks in Urdu about green cards through marriage
Attorney speaks on new deportation laws: Vietnamese citizens
Attorney speaks on U.S. Immigration Motions to Reopen
Can a Felon File for Citizenship?
Deportation Laws of USA - Cancellation of Removal
Family Visa & Children over 21
Family Visa & Marital Status
Family Visa for Relatives
Family Visa for Step Children
Family Visa for Step-Parent/Child
Fiancee Visa & Green Card
Fiancee Visa vs. Marriage-based Visa
Getting Welfare & Filing for Citizenship
Green Card & Drug Possession
Green Card & Fraudulent Marriage
Green Card & Gun Possession
Green Card and Probation
Green Card for Abused/Battered Spouses & Minor Children
How to Renew Your Expired Green Card
I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
Illegal Entry & Family Visa
Immigration - Illegitimate Children & Citizen Parents
Immigration - Marriage to Citizen & Minor Children
Immigration - Perm Residents & Undocumented Children
Immigration Attorney B. Coane speaks on immigration lawsuits
Immigration Attorney Erum Jivani speaks in Urdu
Immigration Attorney Nelsy Gomez speaks on religious workers
Immigration attorney speaks about deportation proceedings
Immigration attorney speaks in Urdu on B-2 Visitor Visas
Immigration atty. speaks in Urdu on H1-B visitor visas
Immigration from Jamaica
Immigration Lawyer - Bona Fide Marriage & Joint Residence
Immigration Lawyer Brad Bernstein - Finding the Right Lawyer
Immigration Lawyer Bruce Coane talks about H1-B Visas
Immigration Lawyer Bruce Coane talks about Work Permit
Immigration Lawyer on Adoption and Family Reunification
Immigration Lawyer on Aggravated Felony & Deportation
Immigration Lawyer on Citizenship & Criminal Record
Immigration Lawyer on FBI & Police Clearance
Immigration Lawyer on FBI Name Check & Fingerprint Delays
Immigration Lawyer on Marriage to US Citizen & Adultery
Immigration Lawyer on Naturalization & Tax Return
Immigration Lawyer/Attorney - Business vs Treaty Trader Visa
Immigration Lawyer/Attorney on Child Status Protection Act
Incorrect Information on Green Card
Law clerk speaks in Farsi about the E-2 treaty visa
Law firm employee speaks in Lao about green cards
Law firm employee speaks in Thai about green cards
Law firm employee speaks in Thai on Eb-1 visas
Law firm employee speaks Lao on U.S. citizenship
Law firm employee speaks on EB-1 visas in Lao
Law firm employee speaks on student visas in Lao
Law firm employee speaks on student visas in Thai
Marriage Fraud - US Immigration Lawyer's Definition
Overstaying & Employment Visa
Overstaying on a Work Visa
Overstaying on a Work Visa
Overstaying on C1 Crewman's Visa
Overstaying on Visa & Entering USA after Voluntary Departure
Problems of Undocumented Immigrants
Record High Immigration Filing Fees
Self-Sponsoring for a Green Card
Termination of US & Dual Citizenship
Traveling Abroad with an Advanced Parole
Traveling in USA & to the Caribbean
Visa for Medical Treatment in the US
Visitor Visa vs Student Visa
Why People Immigrate to America?
Work Visa for Nannies


The United States has a long history of people coming to the country as immigrants from other countries. If you want to come to the United States as a visitor or to live here, you need to carefully consider several legal issues. People want come to the United States based on many reasons, including: (i) to visit as a tourist, (ii) to visit for medical treatment, (iii) to marry to a US Citizen, (iv) to escape another country as a refuge, (v) to work on the United States, or (vi) to invest in the United States as a business investor. Whether you are coming on a temporary work visa or permanent resident visa, you should consult with an immigration attorney to help you as you will need to deal with the many laws, procedures, steps, and forms involved in immigrating to the United States.

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